Trademarks are an integral part of any company’s business that sells goods and/or services. Frequently, a company’s trademark or trademarks are the most valuable intellectual property asset that a company owns. Unlike patents, trademarks belong to the owner for as long as the company continues to use the trademark in commerce.

Trademarks are used to identify the source of goods or services being provided to the consumers and consumers, are entitled to rely on the trademark associated with the goods or services when making their purchasing decision.

In addition to obtaining trademarks for our clients, we protect and enforce their trademark rights on their behalf. We provide a thorough review of their corporate marketing, advertising and promotional materials in order to make sure that our clients are utilizing their trademarks with the proper insignia and in the appropriate manner. We appreciate that trademarks are very valuable assets for a business and at Chicago IP Law we help our clients to recognize and protect this important aspect of their intellectual property.