As litigators, we know that the vast majority of litigation results in some kind of settlement and typically involves extensive negotiation and drafting of a settlement agreement. As such, we at Chicago IP Law have negotiated and drafted dozens and possibly hundreds of settlement agreements. In the world of patent and trademark infringement, those settlement agreements often involve licenses. We have successfully negotiated and drafted license agreements involving highly complex cross licenses involving multiple parties to fairly simple non-exclusive licenses.

Each case is different and each client has different needs and concerns. At Chicago IP we work very closely with our clients and listen to their needs and concerns and strive to incorporate terms and covenants into the settlements, licenses and any other agreements that satisfy those needs and concerns. Frequently, clients are concerned about confidentiality, non-compete clauses, the manner of reporting sales and/or licensing fees and we work to make sure all of the provisions are clear, concise and enforceable for our clients.