Patented Technologies

Do you want a patent just to hang on the wall, or a patent that can be successfully enforced?

Our litigators have in-depth knowledge of the patent process that can only be obtained by having an active practice writing detailed/technical patent applications. We help our clients to consider all perspectives while developing their patent ideas/products. In drafting patent applications, as both patent and trial attorneys, we identify the unique and novel aspects of our client’s inventions to obtain the broadest coverage possible while providing the best opportunity for patent applications to be allowed and be effectively enforced.

Electronic Devices

  • Optical transceivers

  • Electrical switches and connectors

  • Electronic gaming devices

  • Optical subsystems

  • Semiconductor fabrication

  • Circuit board fabrication

  • Visual signaling and safety systems

  • Sound systems

  • Motion sensors

  • Anti-Flicker LED lighting

  • Internet and signal distribution systems

  • Solid state imaging elements

  • Light detecting elements

  • Semiconductor devices

  • Automobile airbag systems

  • Automobile signaling and sensor systems

  • Power control circuitry

  • Circuit board design

Mechanical Devices

  • Exercise equipment

  • Office furniture

  • Mounting brackets

  • Sports equipment

  • Musical equipment

  • Sanitizing devices

  • Transportation and trucking equipment

  • Packaging equipment

  • Footwear cleaning devices

  • Bicycle accessories

  • Plumbing equipment

Computer Software

  • Electronic gaming software

  • Computer hardware systems

  • Computer trading software

  • Barcode scanning software

  • Computer graphing software

  • Handwriting recognition software

  • Airline flight routing software

  • Educational software

  • Data routing systems

Medical Equipment

  • Infusion Pumps

  • Therapeutic clothing

  • Angioplasty

  • Medical lasers

  • Diagnostic equipment

  • Physical therapy equipment

  • Dysphagia diagnostic equipment

  • Speech therapy devices