“In assisting us with a corrugated display patent, Steve also provided good counsel on an existing patent that needed broader protection and required reissuance. He was informative, responsive and quite absorbed in the details of our products. We would recommend Steve and his firm, especially to any manufacturing company that needs education and advice in considering the patent process in their regular design operations."

Chuck Wasinger

VP Finance and Operations

Batavia Container, Inc.

"I was given Steve Evans’ contact information along with a very positive recommendation of what he offered in the way of patent services. From the initial meeting with Steve, I felt comfortable and confident with his personality and his knowledge of the patent process. The information and guidance provided to me has been very thorough and helped me reach my ultimate goal - protect my idea with a successful patent application. I cannot make a high enough or strong enough recommendation for Steve and his services."

Tim Rochford


Empower Enterprises, Inc.

“By identifying the key novel features to my invention, Chicago IP Law helped me obtain multiple patents that significantly increased my company’s value.”

Cheryl Evans


Vocatek, Inc

“I endorse Steve Evans. I worked closely with Steve on a hotly contested, complex litigation in the Circuit Courts of Cook and DuPage Counties, where we successfully, jointly represented a small, closely held manufacturing business against a much, much larger corporation that sought to destroy our client economically. Steve is a relentless litigator and talented and creative lawyer, very practical, efficient and energetic He is courageous in the courtroom. Clients love him for the above reasons and also because he is down to earth, has good business sense and is easy to get along with".

Leslie Locke

Litigation Attorney

“Steve Evans is an outstanding patent attorney with a deep skill set preparing, prosecuting, and litigating patents. Steve has worked with clients from start-ups, to closely held companies, to the Fortune 100. His experience allows him to identify the critical path to achieving his client's objectives. I endorse Steve Evans.”

Luke Anderson

Patent and Litigation Attorney

Atlanta Technology Law

"Steve Evans at Chicago IP Law was recommended to us for both IP protection and litigation, and we hired him for both. His high-powered background brought us a unique combination of understanding business, demystifying complex legal issues, developing litigation strategy, and demonstrating great strength in the courtroom. His preparedness literally scared the company we were pursuing into a settlement beyond our expectations. We got the best combination of big law fire-power and small firm affordability, and legal costs were important to us. We recommend him to anyone, big or small, in protecting and litigating intellectual property. We also learned that having sophisticated protection on the front end, makes enforcement so much easier on the back-end. Don't compromise."


Alliance for Strategic Advantage

"Steve effectively stopped infringing company from making copyrighted products as their own product without going for litigation."

Kirit Dave


Gem Manufacturing Corp.

"I had gotten to the unfortunate point on two patents (different examiners) where the examiners didn't understand what I was trying to communicate. I was recommended to seek the legal advice of Mr. Evans in sorting out the patent knot I had created. I'm so very glad I did because he knew exactly what to do to solve my problems with the least amount of time and money. I was eventually issued both patents. I only wish I had sought out Mr. Evans patent expertise sooner - it would have saved me time and heartburn."

Eric Wernimont, PhD

Exothermic Wellbore

"I invented an application which uses barcode technology in an order picking, packaging or fulfillment situation. Very specific and technical and very important for the patent attorney to understand. Steve asked great questions and spent a lot of his own time getting a good grasp on the what the app does and how it works, to find the broadest and most effective way to protect the intellectual property from those who might otherwise make some minor modification and circumvent our investment and hard work."

John Nachtrieb


Barcode-Test, LLC

"Steve got back to us in a timely manner and provided the insight we needed to make a decision about our IP strategy. Based upon his past experience, he was able to tell us the likely outcomes of each of the paths we were considering. That advice is invaluable."

Charlie Corry


CorrTech, Inc.

"I endorse this lawyer. Steve is a pleasure to work with. He knows his stuff; a true expert in his field."

Rhett Dennerline, Intellectual property

Intellectual Property Attorney

"Steve had the perfect skill set to help me obtain my patent. In addition to being knowledgeable on both sides of patent law, he thinks like an engineer and even custom tailored his assistance to complement my skills and curb costs. His specialization and versatility gave me a higher degree of confidence that our application and resulting patent would be effective and offer the highest levels of protection. Other than some very minor modifications, we were able to obtain a U.S. patent right out of the gate. It was an exciting challenge and Steve made for a great partner throughout the entire process."

Chris Mason

Communications Director and Private Inventor